Next Wave kits allow you to convert your 1988-2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250 to a fully electric vehicle without making a single cut or modification to the existing frame.


This innovative kit allow you to remove the internal combustion components, position the kit under your bike, jack it up, install 5 bolts, connect the throttle replacement, and loop the new chain on and you're ready to ride.


The hardest part of an motorcycle EV conversion is designing a new frame to hold all of the electric drive train components.  For the more DIY spirited we also offer a bare frame option that uses our exciting "cutless" frame design. You have the freedom to add your own motor, batteries, charger, etc. but without the hassle of frame fabrication. Next Wave frames save you both the time spent making the frame as well as the need for expensive and complicated metal working tools.

Made of high grade steel and hand crafted in the USA, in our upstate NY facility.